Learning session for journalists in Khairpur, Sindh on “Human Rights and Minorities’ Reporting”

Media Foundation360, under its Learning Sessions’ Program, conducted an interactive session on ““Human Rights and Minorities’ Reporting” in Khairpur, Sindh on April 24.

Human Rights Activist and Columnist Wajahat Masood and Executive Editor News Lens Pakistan Mubasher Bukhari conducted the session. This session was attended by more than 20 correspondents of various news outlets.

Wajahat Masood told the participants that minorities in Pakistan are vulnerable communities; therefore it is professional obligation of journalists to protect their lifestyles, culture and religious freedom. 

Mubasher Bukhari said a journalist while reporting about “Human Rights and Minorities”, should be informed, responsible, sensitive and unbiased.

Session concluded with the stories ideas, shared by participants about the violation of Human Rights in Khairpur.

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