Our Projects

News Lens Pakistan

The first ever news cooperative of the country, formally commences its operations. News Lens Pakistan intends to benefit journalists, news outlets, and the people of Pakistan. Its aim is to create, publish and distribute high-quality content throughout the country and to the rest of the world. In the process of creating that content, News Lens will improve the skills and raise the standards for Pakistani journalists, wherever they may be. Its members benefit from identification with this professional, nonpartisan, national news outlet, via its professional training opportunities as well as wide distribution of their best content.

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Truth Tracker

Truth Tracker offers an in-depth look at Pakistan’s governance following the 2013 general elections. We track the promises made by politicians and parties during election campaigns, to hold them accountable on the fulfillment of these promises. We give citizens a way to directly question the words and actions of their elected representatives, by providing a forum for requests, comments and queries. We offer a model of professional public service reporting to help improve the quality of Pakistani journalism. Truth Tracker is being developed by a team of dozens of Pakistani journalists in collaboration with Media Foundation 360 and its partner NearMedia LLC