Governing Body

Mubasher Bukhari  –  President

Mubasher Bukhari is a senior journalist, writer and teacher. He worked for various national and international media organizations during last 24 years.

Wajahat Masood  –  Director

Wajahat Masood is a senior journalist, columnist, human right defender and teacher of journalism. He recently got pride of performance award from government of Pakistan.

Hussnain Qureshi  –  Director

Hussnain Qureshi is a senior journalist, who has worked for various English newspapers during last thirty years. These days, he is Editor Reporting at Daily Times Lahore.

Huma Ali  –  Director

Huma Ali is a senior journalist and trade unionist. He served Lahore Press Club and Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists as president for several terms.

Irum Ghani  –  Secretary

Irum Ghani is a mid-career and enthusiastic female journalist from electronic media. She has served in various news channels. Currently, he is news producer at Express News.

Masim Temar  –  Treasurer

Masim Temar is a senior banker and has vast experience in accountancy. He has around 25 years of experience in financial and marketing sector.

Ahmed Huma Ali  –  Director

Ahmed Huma is a senior journalist. He worked for various newspapers and news channels in different capacity for last twenty-six years.