Consultative meeting with Stakeholders for Flood Prevention.

Media Foundation 360 had a meeting with stakeholders for possible flood prevention in Pakistan at Media Foundation 360 head office.
The Flood Resilience Programme will prepare a plan for the government of Pakistan to alert all the stakeholders about the coming floods. In Pakistan where floods come on a regular basis, the program will give strategies on how to avoid them and prepare people for rescue. Further meetings will be held with various stakeholders in the coming weeks. Whatever comes up will be shared through the media.
Officials from various government institutions, civil society activists, representatives of journalists’ bodies, and journalists attended the meeting. President Punjab Union of Journalists Zahid Rafiq Bhatti, Joint Secretary Hasnain Akhlaq, Hasnain Tirmizi, senior journalist Mubasher Bukhari, Ansar Iqbal, Fatima Jafar, Irsa Ahuja, Rameez Sandhu, Sher Ali and others participated.
The purpose of this meeting was to create awareness among the public about how floods can be avoided. In partnership with the US State Department, Media Foundation 360 is working to create a document that will be disseminated to the public with the aim of raising awareness among people about the potential disasters of floods, how rescue is possible and how to deal with the aftermath such as post-flood diseases and other disasters.

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