About Us

Media Foundation 360 is an independent media think-tank that was established in the wake of incessant challenges journalist community faces in Pakistan. Our aim has been to keep a close watch on their struggles that range from delayed salary payments to threats to their security. At MF360 we voice their challenges and stand up for their rights.

Along with our efforts to safeguard the rights of journalists, we also impart ethical standards among practicing and aspiring journalists. We organize training series, workshops and discussion sessions with country’s top media professionals and foreign trainers, hence creating a pool of more aware and self-regulating journalists – an aim tied to our slogan ‘A Whole Journalist’. We also operate as a watchdog of media outlets keeping a close check on their practices, content and accuracy of information, and alerting the concerned authorities in case they derail from ethical standards of the profession.

At MF360 various studies, researches, guidelines and online training videos are also available. Through our studies and researches we do not only point out gaps or breaches in the practices but also recommend solutions to improve journalistic standards.

As a part of journalism profession we, at Media Foundation 360, have been seeing the problems and pressures journalists face within the organization and out in the field regarding their rights and security ranges from salary payment issues to murders and kidnappings. This is when we decided to be their voice and stand up for their rights.

With the slogan of “A Whole Journalist”, we are here with the ambition of helping media professionals getting their rights as well as their training to improve journalism standard in the country. In this regard, we arrange workshops and discussion sessions for journalists with country’s top media professionals and foreign trainers. We also intend to be a watchdog of media outlets in the country, keeping an eye on journalism standards and practices they follow, and pointing out the areas where they failed to follow ethics and laws.

You will also find researches, news, blogs by professionals and online training videos on this platform. As a think tank we not only point out the weaknesses of Pakistan’s news fraternity through research but also recommend the solution to improve journalism standards.


Our Mission

Media Foundation 360 is committed to work for the protection of rights of journalists, while imparting ethical journalistic practices. We aim to cultivate a professional media environment in Pakistan that is conducive for free functioning democracy. By training professionals and keeping a close check on media outlets we intend to elevate standards of journalism in the country. Through thorough research and studies we expose breaches in ethical standards and also propose solutions.

Media foundation 360 is working for the rights of journalists, media development and protection of ‘Journalists and Journalism’ in Pakistan. It is dedicated to improve the standard of journalism, being practiced in the country through research and training of media professionals. It strongly supports ethics of journalism and free media to strengthen democracy in Pakistan

Our Objectives

  • Make efforts to ensure that media organizations follow journalism ethics and laws while disseminating news through visuals, script, news writing, feature writing and pictorial publications.
  • Monitor newspapers and news channels to measure their journalistic standards.
  • Train journalists including reporters, camera persons, non-linear editors and producers for ethics-based journalism.
  • Strive for positive changes in media organizations. Media Foundation 360 will press upon media organizations to fix their management issues concerned with their employees.
  • Raise voice for employees working in the media organizations for timely payment of salaries. It will plead their case if the rights given by labor laws are violated.
  • Monitor if media organizations are providing maximum security to in-field journalists across Pakistan. If not, MF360 would work to get a proper security policy implemented in media organizations.
  • Conduct training sessions for young journalists with a special focus on reporters from small cities and remote areas. National and international journalists will be invited for these trainings.
  • Reveal insight of Pakistan’s media, its content, scams and scandals on its website.
  • Website will include features about new innovations in the field of journalism. Interviews of national and international journalists will also be published.