We are hiring

Learn and lead: Media Foundation 360 to hire 10 veteran journalists

Lead your fellow journalists in investigative reporting with public information. Join our team and change the way Pakistan’s government is covered.

We’re looking for experienced reporters and editors who want to learn more about how to uncover important stories using public data. We’ll work together to find, report and publish those stories. Then you’ll go out with a team to train other journalists in how to do it, too.

The organization

The trainers will be under contract with Media Foundation 360, a nonprofit journalism organization based in Lahore. Media 360 has developed two media outlets – online News Lens Pakistan for in-depth reporting, and Truth Tracker magazine and website, which specializes in tracking the promises of politicians.

The job

From January 1-15, we will accept applications from across Pakistan. We are seeking 10 to 12 experienced journalists who want to learn new techniques and train others in these same skills. If you want to learn and lead, we want to hear from you.

The application form is here.

The journalists chosen will take part in a weeklong training in Islamabad, tentatively scheduled for Jan. 30-Feb 3, in which they’ll learn the most important skills in developing and reporting an investigative story using public records.

As proof of their new abilities, they will each produce an in-depth piece to be published by Media Foundation 360 and other news outlets. These stories will be models of high-quality journalism.

The team of journalists will also learn how to plan and conduct professional, skill-based learning sessions for other journalists, using our highly effective practical methods.

Each new trainer will then work with our team to conduct at least one three-day learning session so that journalists in districts outside the major cities can have these skills, too.

The qualifications

  • At least three years work experience at a news outlet in Pakistan
  • Demonstrated ability to learn and uphold the highest standards of professional journalism
  • Experience in obtaining information and data from public sources
  • Desire to contribute to the growth of professionalism in Pakistani media
  • Fluency in English and Urdu required; fluency in a third language strongly preferred
  • Women and religious minorities are strongly encouraged to apply