18th April 2016 – 22nd April 2016

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Panama Leaks

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family have been put under pressure by opposition over Panama leaks. Prime minister had called a special meeting of federal ministers, advisors and special assistants at the Prime Minister’s House this week where he reiterated that their hands are clean. The cabinet members also said that political elements were trying to divert attention away from the government’s economic agenda and create political uncertainty.

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued details about prime minister’s assets in which he has total declared assets worth Rs 1.96 billion while he has no property abroad. Meanwhile Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan reiterated that the government must form a judicial commission headed by the Supreme Court chief justice to probe the Panama leaks. PTI chairman also said that this was the first time that a prime minister had been made to explain the allegations against him. He said that Sharif should have explained his position with regard to his family’s foreign assets in the parliament like British Prime Minister David Cameron did.

Meanwhile Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani rejected the possibility of heading a parliamentary commission constituted to probe revelations made in the Panama Papers


Chottu Gang

Fight between security forces and infamous Chhotu gang finally ended after over two weeks. Punjab police started armed operation against the gang of dacoits in the riverine area of Rajanpur district of Southern Punjab but failed to achieve any significant results. Government than requested Pakistan army to take the lead. This week army got major success when leader of the infamous Chhotu gang, Ghulam Rasool, along with 13 gang members surrendered unconditionally. However, the army has announced not to vacate the area until all the miscreant elements are neutralised. Army spokesman Lt Gen Asim Bajwa confirmed the news that military has successfully completed operation Zarb-i-Ahan. He also confirmed that the 24 policemen taken hostage by the Chhotu gang had also been rescued.

According to media reports the gang had been using the hostages as human shield to protect their women and children during operation. The military had launched a full-fledged assault using helicopter gunships, surveillance drones and heavy artillery. Ghulam Rasool alias Chhotu worked as a security guard for a local MPA. He also worked for the Punjab police as an informer till 2007 and used to give information about gangs involved in robberies and kidnapping for ransom in Rajanpur and Muzaffargarh districts. Chhotu, later developed differences with police over unknown reasons and established his own gang to carry out criminal activities.


COAS on Corruption

In an unprecedented move, Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif dismissed six senior army officers including a three-star general after they were found guilty of corruption. The decision was publicized on the national media. The court-martialed officers were directed to return all earnings they had made through corruption. All perks and privileges of dismissed officers are also revoked however they will receive pensions and medical care.

Media reports quoted sources as saying that the decision was made public to show that there was zero tolerance for corruption in the army. The dismissed army officers were involved in the smuggling of non-custom paid vehicles. They made massive amount of money and transferred it to their personal bank accounts. The decision to dismiss six senior officers was announced just two days after the army chief called for an across-the-board accountability. He had also assured armed forces’ full support to every meaningful effort in that direction.

The recent statement and the practical step by the army chief came at a time when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family are facing allegations of hiding their wealth in offshore accounts.


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