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Military Courts:

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Formation of military courts remained the top story of Pakistani press as the Parliament passed the 21st Constitutional Amendment Bill and The Pakistan Army Amendment Bill 2015 unopposed after 247 members of National Assembly and majority of the Senate’s members voted in the bills’ support. President also signed the 21st Constitutional Amendment Bill, making it applicable with immediate effect. The 21st Amendment to the constitution would provide constitutional cover to trial of militants by military courts. 

Earlier the passage of the amendment was delayed on Monday as two religious parties, Jamat e Islami (JI) and Jamiat Ullema e Islam (JUI-F) opposed some of the religion-related clauses in the bill. After the federal government decided to have the 21st Amendment passed from parliament without JUI-F, Its Chief Fazlur Rehman threatened the government of a “D-Chowk like protest”, referring to PTI’s sit-in in the capital.

Addressing a press conference, Fazl said that the current amendments made in the constitution for special courts in the country for a period of two years were a “suicide attack on democracy by parliamentary parties.”

The demand to set up military courts came up after deadly attack on army school in Peshawar in which over 130 children were killed

Pak-India Tension:

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Lately the tension between arch rivals, Pakistan and India is on rise as cross border firing from both sides continues. In a latest development Pakistan army confirms killing of two Pakistani civilians in firing while hundreds of villagers flee to safest areas. Meanwhile India claims killing of one Indian border guard in firing from Pakistan side. India also claimed four Pakistanis planning an attack on Indian soil were killed. Earlier four Pakistani soldiers were killed in cross border firing on New Year’s Eve.

Meanwhile Pakistan accused India of trying to sabotage its counterterrorism operation, Zarb e Azb, in the north-western tribal region. A press release from Foreign Office termed the attacks a violation of international norms. Press release also said India should refrain from attempts to create misunderstanding between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Talking about the tension at borders, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said his government made sincere efforts to improve relations with the new government in India, but they were not reciprocated. 

Paris killings:

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Killings in Paris made headlines everywhere including Pakistan this week, in which at least 12 people are reported to be killed. Media footages showed masked gunmen stormed the Paris office of a weekly satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, involved in publishing cartoons of political and religious leaders. It had also published several anti- Islamic caricatures.  According to media reports militants online repeatedly threatened the magazine for publishing blasphemous caricatures.

 Meanwhile Manhunt for two suspected brothers has widened across the country as the French prime minister expressed fear that those who attacked the magazine office could strike again. The French government has declared the highest state of alert as security in the country has been beefed up at transport hubs, religious sites and media offices.

Condemnations kept pouring in from across the world on the attack, which is being termed as the worst terror attack on French soil in decades. People across the globe also held support rallies and vigils to show solidarity with the victims and to defend the right of speech freedom.

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