Media Briefing on the Project Journalisim for Peace in Multan

A Media Briefing on Journalism for Peace was held at Multan Press Club in Multan on 26th October 2019 under the umbrella of Media Foundation 360. Journalists from Print and electronic media attended the Press Club.

Project Director Mubasher Bukhari and Project Consultant Shehryar Warraich briefed the media about the ongoing project and the booklet ‘Role of media for promotion of peace and interfaith harmony’ at Multan Press Club.

As many as 17 journalists from various media organizations including 92 News, Rohi TV, Geo, and Such TV attended the briefing.

Bukhari told the media that 50 journalists from Multan have been trained by Media Foundation 360 under the project and they have been assigned to produce 100 stories around Peace, Interfaith Harmony and Countering Violent Extremism.He also briefed the media about seminars and workshops organized with different clusters in Multan.

Briefing media about the booklet, he said, “The booklet has the guiding principles for journalists working for peace in the society.”Media persons asked different questions about the project and its impact which were addressed by the speakers.



A reporter posed a question that why the entire media was not invited to the seminar and the workshop. Bukhari responded, “The workshops were not meant for the general media but those, who were part of training sessions as the purpose of the workshops was to extract ideas from representatives of DAI’s partners.

” He clarified, however, an invitation was sent to all media houses for the seminars which was covered by various newspapers and channels.

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