Media Tracker | 16th July 2019

Media Tracker

Media Tracker lists the challenges and achievements of the journalists and media organisations worldwide. Here’s a list of journalism at risk stories in the recent month. We would like to thank international media protection organisation and news outlets for their content.

  • The World Press Freedom Hero award was given to the Pakistani journalist, Cyril Almeida, by the International Press Institute (IPI) in Geneva, Switzerland earlier this month. Free Media Pioneer award was a received by Mada Masr, an Egyptian news website. The World Press Freedom award honours journalists for their considerable contribution for promotion of the press freedom in the face of grave risks to their personal security. The award was launched in year 2000 on the 50th anniversary of the IPI. (IPI)
  • The Times Group, ABP and The Hindu has come under the ire of the Indian government. The newspapers’ government advertisements were severed before the Indian general elections in April 2019 owing to their critical pre-election coverage of the government. This leaves the newspapers in a precarious situation since government advertisements amount about 15 per cent of these news groups’ revenue. The ruling government Bhartiya Janta Party, BJP, spokeperson denies any claims of advertisement cuts in retaliation. However, the true nature of the action was not shared. (CPJ)
  • Honduras has seen demonstrations critical of the economic and social problems in the country, demanding the resignation of president Juan Orlando. The law enforcement has been used as a tool of repression, not only against the demonstrators but also a number of journalists. Amnesty International and other freedom of expression groups have raised alarms over the half dozen deaths and twice as many injuries to precious lives during the month.  (IFEX)
  • The Hyderabad (India) police arrived at Revathi Pgadadanda’s home without a warrant to arrest her and tried to seize her phone. The founder and the CEO of Mojo TV, an independent news channel, Pogadadanda’s arrest stemmed from a January television broadcast where a guest had placed allegations under the Prevention of Atrocities Act. Rights organisations have called for her immediate release. (CPJ)
  • In Western Indian Gujrat’s Valsad district, bureau chief Harshad Ahir of Gujrat Mitra’s published article critical of public works project under Dharmesh Patel.Soon after the publication Patel broke into Ahir’s home with 5 of his men and attacked not only Ahir, but his wife and infant daughter. Patel also threatened to kill the journalist.

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