Media Foundation 360 team held a second orientation session in Multan with the Multan-based mentors on  August 30, 2019. They had a meeting with Editor Jang Forum Ms. Shazia Naheed and Mr. Shahadat Hussain, Bureau Chief Geo News Multan. Both are senior and well-reputed journalists and had committed to be a part of our project to guide and mentor journalists from Multan district.

During our consultative discussion with them, our team shared the characteristics of the program, mentorship, their role in the project, and the criteria for selecting the trainees. At our request, they also gave their input to develop the booklet, which will be a guidebook for the trainees to produce stories in the post-training period. Since Ms. Shazia heads Jang Forum Multan, she suggested that she could hold forums on the topics that this training covered.

Media Foundation 360 team had a productive meeting with the Controller News “Rohi TV”, Jamshed Rizwani. Mr. Rizwani is a senior journalist and is considered an icon of Multan journalism. He also appreciated our initiative and showed keen interest in this project. Mr Rizwani also showed willingness to mentor the trainee journalists from Multan.

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