Media Foundation 360 organized a one-day workshop Pakistan Project ‘Promoting Peace through Positive Journalism’ in Multan

 Multan: Media Foundation 360 organized a one-day workshop under Azam e Pakistan Project ‘Promoting Peace through Positive Journalism’ in Multan on Tuesday, November 19, 2019. The workshop was attended by representatives of different partner organizations working with university students on peace, tolerance, inter-faith and intra-faith harmony, media personnel, students from Bahauddin Zikriya University (BZU), Multan, and political personalities. The partner organizations represented at the workshop included IDEA, Peace and Justice Network (PJN), Center of Policing and Security (CPS), Lodhran Pilot Project (LPP).

Media Foundation F 360 is supposed to organize four workshops with four different clusters of organizations working under AeP project on peace and harmony in Multan. This was the third workshop engaging the cluster of partner organizations working with student societies in different workshops Multan.

The purpose of this workshop was to give the partner organizations a platform where they could share the details of their projects executed in universities, discuss the goals and the activities designed to achieve them and share success stories and positive outcomes with other participants, especially the journalists.

A group of trainee journalists who had been trained by Media Foundation 360 on how to contribute to peace-building through their work was also present on the occasion. These journalists were participants of the training sessions arranged for 50 media personal belonging to print, electronic and social media. As the trainees are supposed to file two stories each around the themes of peace, interfaith harmony, acceptance, they interacted with partner organisations and struggled to identify good story ideas, many of which were based on characters and success stories.


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