Training workshop on “Bridging the Information Gap: Investigative Reporting with Public Records” | Day 2

Day 2

The second day, continued with a revision of the training given on Day 1. Training particularly focused on Session 3 of Day 1. Detail of the sessions is as below:

Session One – Data Journalism

Mainly conducted by Sheraz Hasnat, Bureau Chief Dawn News Lahore, the session introduced the participants on the essentiality of Data in investigative reporting. The attendees were taught to understand the necessity of Data and Number to add accuracy in the news story. Guidelines were given on how to find and use relevant data as well. A special practice was carried out in which participants jotted down the type of data and sources of data for their assignment after learning to read and analyze data sources.

Session Two – The Review and Critique Day

Heavy emphasis was laid on reviewing the focus statements developed by each participant, the relevant RTI requests, and detecting the right data sources. Repeated discussions and analyses helped the attendees to correct their own assignment and improve the focus statement.

Session Three: Selecting Right Sources

Although selecting the right sources was discussed earlier, this session was dedicated towards Selecting Right Sources and using the skill to use the sources rightly. The session discussed (i) Who is a source? (ii) Why anonymous sources are not authentic? (iii) How one can select rights a correct source for his/her story?

The session concluded with an interesting activity in which participants will create a list of the sources, relevant to their story ideas.

Session Three of Day 2, which focused on Interview Techniques, moved on to Day 3.

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