Training workshop on “Bridging the Information Gap: Investigative Reporting with Public Records” | Day 3

Day 3

The day started with review of the previous days topics and assignments given to the reporters.

Session 1: Conducting Interviews

The session discussed importance of research for conducting interviews and framing right questions. The participants learned: How to conduct interviews? Techniques to ask questions in a better way.

By end of the session, the participants prepared a list of questions for interviews of their two key sources.

Session 2: Digging deeper—How to ask follow-up questions

The session highlighted importance of follow-up questions. After a hectic debate, the participants and the trainers were unanimous that ‘asking follow-up questions’ during interviews is also a special skill that can be developed amongst journalists with training and practice.

Session 3: Reviewing Final Worksheet (story plan)

The session reviewed the final worksheet of the reporters. The final worksheet is a complete story plan around which the reporters would work and produce their stories.

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